In-person Worship @ 10:00 am

We realize that everyone is on a journey, but not everyone knows where they’re headed. And even fewer people have a plan to get there. So JCC has a simple way to help everyday people grow into a strong, healthy, and productive way of life, and make the most of what Jesus makes possible.

Life needs great relationships to work well. The first step in the journey is establishing a relationship with God and with the church. At JCC, you will discover how that happens, and what you can expect as a result. It’s your chance to look behind the curtain to see what makes Church at JCC tick, why it’s so special, and how you can share the journey.

Becoming a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It simply means you have been forgiven, and have now set your life on a course for a higher goal. At JCC, you will learn the ins and outs of a strong, productive, and satisfying life by putting a few simple steps into your daily living.

Some people go their whole life without knowing they were specially made by God to play a unique role in the world. At JCC, We welcome your gifts and abilities and will show you how your gifts can play a vital role in your life as you serve others.

Our goal for you is not to make you religious. It’s not even to make you good. It is to help you discover and live that most fulfilling, satisfying life that God has planned for you. And at the heart of that plan is your sharing in the world-changing work that God is accomplishing.