2018 Bible Reading

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2018 Bible Reading

We at JCC endeavor to read the Bible in a year.  Beginning today.  This week’s readings (over five days) include Genesis 1-15, Psalms 19, 104, and 148, and Mark 1-5.  As it happens, I read them all this morning when I got up.  It’s just how I roll.

What I wish for us is to share our thoughts and questions regarding the weekly readings.  Can we do that together?

Okay.  So.  I’ll start.

First, Genesis.  One of my favorite books of the Pentateuch (or Torah).

As I read Genesis 1-15, I was reminded of God’s sovereignty.  He can do what He wants.  All that He does is holy and righteous.  But I do have a question.  When I got to Genesis 6:4, I was ever-so-gently reminded of that semi-recent Hollywood movie about Noah.  Remember it?  I actually despised the movie and at the time did not recall ever having read anything about the Nephilim, so I assumed that the producers, screenplay writers, and directors were enjoying creative license as they highlighted some fiercely weird creatures during Noah’s time.  Let’s just say I found out I was wrong.  When I got to the word “Nephilim” this morning, I thought Oh my goodness!  THIS is what they were talking about in that weird Noah movie!  Lord, have mercy.  I proceeded to Google, where I gleen all sorts of information on the daily.  All I can say in response to that which I read at Google is you should conduct a bit of your own research about these creatures. I will, however, say that debates concerning these creatures among theologians exist.  I’d be interested to know what Pastor Bob thinks about these creatures.

Now for the Psalms.

My annotations when I read the Psalms listed above include “I wish to be wise,” “Oh, God, help me,” “Thank You,” and “Truth.”  I am struck by the humility and reverence of the psalmists in this week’s reading.

And finally, Mark.  One of my favorite Gospels (probably because it’s so short and easy to understand).

I thought I, too, wish to be made CLEAN as I read Mark 1:40-41.  Skip ahead to chapter 3:11.  I think I literally rolled my eyes when I read how the unclean spirits fell down before Jesus exclaiming, “You are the Son of God!” because, as I annotated at the top of my page, “Some of the only truths that demons utter.”  After all, we all know that the devil is the father of lies, and his spawn are likewise habitual liars.  But each time that evil spirits encountered Jesus, they could not help but acknowledge His divinity.  His holiness.  His righteousness.  His status as The Son of God.  It’s almost as though the devil CAN’T lie when it comes to the divinity of Jesus Christ.  I like that.  Skip to 4:8, and all I can think is I wish to be THIS seed.  And finally, 5:19-20.  We need to be telling our stories.  Our story about what Jesus has done for us.  About how He changed our heart.  How He saved us from eternal separation from the Father.  Let’s keep telling our stories, Friends.

Okay.  Now it’s your turn.  I’d love to know your thoughts and questions about this week’s readings.  Please share below in the comments.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Kimberly S. Lancaster

January 1, 2018

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