In-person Worship @ 10:00 am

Pastor Bob is a seasoned pastor. He has been lead pastor at Jubilee since 1981. From 1970 until 1974 he served as an assistant pastor. Part of that time, he developed a spanish-speaking congregation to serve the needs of greater Elgin.

Pastor Bob has poured his heart and soul into the work of shepherding the flock. Not only here in Elgin, but abroad as well. He was largely responsible for establishing a Bible training program in Ecuador for ministers designed so that those with little formal education would be able to improve reading and study skills in order to "rightly divide" the Word of Truth. Included in this plan were extension classes taken to current pastors in out of-the-way places, so that they, too, would be able to earn Bible School credits and diplomas, thus lessening the possiblity of friction between the "old" ministers and the "new" ones. In addition, he pastored a church in Santo Domingo De Los Colorados for a year and pastored the headquarters church in Quito for two years while continuing to work on establishing the Bible School.

He earned a B.A. in theology from New Life Christian College, an additional B.A. in business management at Judson University and took additional classes at Wheaton College. 

Pastor Bob obtained his first ministerial credentials in 1968, and was ordained in 1971. Besides his experience pastoring, missionary and Bible school founder, he has served as youth minister, assistant pastor, and evangelist.

He has been married since 1969 and has two grown boys. His wife, sons, their wives and daughters serve with him in ministry at JCC.